Man U vs Real Sociedad 0-1 defeat

Cristiano Ronaldo sad after Manchester United display

This was a tough match for Manchester United, as they were up against a  strong Real Sociedad team. Manchester United lost at Real Sociedad to begin their Europa League season. whose performance improved after the first half following a sluggish start. 

Real seized the lead in the 59th minute when Brais Mendez converted a penalty after a questionable handball call against Lisandro Martinez, who had been introduced at halftime. Erik ten Hag’s team’s four-game winning streak came to an end as a result of this game’s deciding goal in Group E’s opening match. 

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Highlights of the Man U vs Real Sociedad match

Some of the notable highlights within the last 30 minutes include:

89: Cristiano crosses the ball, but nobody seems to complete it.
83: For the final 10 or so minutes, McNeill enters the game in place of Malacia.
81: Garnacho passes the ball back to Fred after getting his first opportunity to run with it.
Sancho, Ronaldo, and Fernandes are all present as he swings the ball toward the back post. Sancho prepares a powerful volley and then swings even more forcefully at nothing.
77: Casemiro had a good shot from 25 yards out that was parried away before it reached the bottom corner.
Remiro, however, is somewhat at ease and hasn’t been coerced into anything that will worry him.
74:Real Sociedad is doing a superb job of stalling United’s momentum and slowing down the situation.
Ten Hag attempts to bring his team back into the game by bringing on Garnacho and Sancho for the hosts.
70: Cho’s smart move since joining the team as he attempts to slide Sorloth
Munoz throws a terrible challenge at Antony and completely destroys him but only gets a yellow card.
67: Two shots by Elanga are stopped, and both times the home crowd calls for a handball penalty.
However, United is beginning to apply more pressure and is pinning Sociedad back.
65: Although the first corner was subpar, the subsequent cross wasn’t. Amazing work by Fernandes, Casemiro is entirely unimpeded at the back post, but his header goes over the bar and into the ground.
Cho comes on for Silva, who has left the field.
64: Antony earns a corner as he attempts to continue dribbling into the area with Ronaldo waiting at the back post.
61: Mendez is now free in the area and floats a cross toward the back post as Sociedad gains confidence.

How this match will affect the rest of the season for each team

The winning team(Real Sociedad) will have a boost in confidence and help them to secure a better position in the standings. On the other hand, it may help the losing team catch up in their tactics.

How can Man U turn things around after their disappointing start to the season?

There are a few things that Manchester United need to do in order to turn their season around. First and foremost, they need to improve their defense. They have been conceding too many goals, and this needs to stop if they want to have any chance of winning games.

Secondly, they need to start scoring more goals. Their attack has been lackluster so far this season, and they need to find a way to put the ball in the back of the net on a more consistent basis.

Finally, they need to start winning games. They have lost too many games already, and if they want to turn things around, they need to start picking up some victories.

It is not certain how the season will span out for the two teams, but you may be sure to see some quite struggle for performance improvement.

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