Man pays supreme price for playboy mentality

A Lagos-based playboy recently paid the supreme price for using girls and dumping them after jilting a girl he courted for three years. He had lived his playboy lifestyle with some other girls until that particular one who had several abortions for him while their relationship lasted. He kept promising to marry the girl but each time she got pregnant, he cajoled her into aborting it on the grounds that he was not financially okay yet to settle down with her. Though the girl did not mind his financial status, he said he did not want a situation where he would not be able to live up to his responsibilities as her husband.

But in actual fact, he was hiding his real financial status from the girl because he wasn’t done with his womanizing lifestyle yet and there was no way to explain that to the girl who was madly in love with him. He was well paid in the company where he worked and he had some cool cash saved up in his bank account without his girlfriend’s knowledge. When he was ready to settle down, however, he quietly went to his village in Oyo state to marry a young girl and dumped the girl he had been fooling for years in Lagos. The girl was deeply hurt by his action and decided to have her own pound of flesh.

After the traditional wedding, he decided to have the white wedding in Lagos to enable some of the invitees who couldn’t come to the village to attend. But unknown to him, it was the opportunity his ex-girlfriend was waiting for to avenge the ill-treatment meted out to her. She mingled with the guests at the reception and presented the couple with a most bizarre gift. When the couple later opened their gifts, they were shocked to find a miniature coffin wrapped among them. Inside the coffin were five alligator peppers. In disbelief, they asked themselves all manner of questions in quick succession, like ‘What is this?’, ‘How did this get here?’, ‘Who could have presented this to us?’, ‘What kind of a sick joke is this?’ etc. And then they thought they should just do away with it and not allow it to spoil their joy. So, they took it outside their home, poured kerosene on it and set it ablaze. And to them, that was the end of it. But how wrong they were!

Shortly after that, the man lost his job. And he began to suffer one sickness after the other which prompted him to be going in and out of hospitals. At a point, he was condemned to a wheelchair. All his life savings was spent on the sickness. Then they relocated to the village. They suffered untold hardship for a period of five years at the end of which the man died. They had no child as a result of the man’s health condition which rendered him a non-performer in bed.

The woman remained in the village after the burial. Then a pastor relative of hers came to the village to see her. After commiserating with her over her loss, he prayed for her and in the course of the prayer, he saw a revelation. He then asked her if they received a strange gift at their wedding. That was when she recalled the issue of the miniature coffin with five alligator peppers. The man of God asked what they did about it and she said they only burnt it and forgot it. He told her that the strange gift was the source of their problems. He said the five alligator peppers represented five peppered years (years of hardship) while the coffin stood for death, meaning that the gift was a spiritual symbol of five years of hardship followed by death, which was exactly what happened to them.

He further told her that she should have informed him when they opened that gift, that he would have told the man to go and apologise to all the ladies he jilted, after which he would have embarked on spiritual warfare with them to destroy the power of the charm.
The woman began to weep in regret, saying that they were ignorant of spiritual warfare as they were not taught such things in their church, an orthodox church. She wished they had known what to do at the right time to save her husband’s life and avert their five years of affliction coupled with the childlessness they suffered in those five years.

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