Man kills family, mother-in-law, commits suicide, blames wife in suicide note

A 42-year-old father in Utah, United States, Michael Haight, has committed suicide after killing his five children, wife, and mother-in-law, leaving his family.

a twisted suicide note in which he confessed he would rather ‘rot in hell’ than deal with his manipulative wife another day.

After being investigated for child abuse, Haight shot his wife, her mother, and their five children, According to DailyMail on Saturday.

The police released the footage of the shooting, showing cops padding through the family’s eerily silent home while their bodies lay inside.

In Haight’s twisted suicide note, he claims his wife, Tausha, drove him to violence.

Haight did so despite the fact that investigations revealed that he was the abuser in the family and his wife was the victim.

He wrote, “ This is nonsense and I can’t handle it for one more day. We will not be a burden on society. I kept asking for help and you wouldn’t listen.

‘I would rather rot in hell than to put up with another day of this manipulation and control over me.”

Haight murdered his daughters Macie, Briley, and Sienna, as well as his sons Ammon and Gavin, and his wife’s mother.

Daily mail