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Man claims aliens abducted and wounded him

Stan Romanek claims he was beamed up by aliensand was returned with marks and wounds on his body that glowed when exposed to black light. Mr Romanek claims he went on to be abducted numerous times after this fi rst abduction and even ended up communicating telepathically with aliens. Judy Carroll, 64, claims to have communicated with extraterrestrials since being a child.

Mrs Carroll from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, says she interacts with the classic alleged race of aliens known as Greys, famed for their large heads and eyes. She says we have nothing to fear from the “alienvisitors”, who simply want to help humans But, much of the bizarre experiences have been wiped from his memory, he claims. His abduction tales include reports of communicating with aliens through something he calls a Ghost Box, that can also allegedly be used to speak to the dead.

He even claims to have been stalked by UFOs, with spaceships allegedly hovering above his car. Romanek, 53, has become a big cheese in the alien contact community after fi rst going live with his claims in 2000. His supporters argue there is a wealth of evidence to support his stories, and no-one has ever disproved his claims. But, sceptics argue it is impossible to disprove most claims of alien abduction, unless of course they say they have had implants – something that could be physically tested. And, Mr Romanek’s claims have been bizarre.

He said that in 2003, he awoke wearing women’s clothes – an outfi t he says aliens dressed him in by mistake after conducting experiments. He also says her is targeted by government secret agents for speaking out. Many conspiracy theorists believe claims there is a secret “men in black” arm of the security services that will do anything it can to stop the truth about alien visitations of earth getting out. It is due to alleged fears the authorities have on what the impact would the on religion and the rule of law. In 2011 Mr Romanek wrote the book Th e Orion Progression, about his alleged abductions.

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