NGO appeals to Tinubu on 5 rejected gender bills, inclusion

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Change Managers International Network (CMIN), a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), has appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to urge the 10th assembly to pass as an executive bill, the  five gender bills rejected by the 9th assembly.

The organisation made the call on Friday, at a press conference marking the close up of the project, on electoral integrity and accountability.

CMIN while congratulating the president Tinubu, urged him to involve more women in his administration as the committee of nations development is measured by gender status.

“Our major prayers is for the president Bola Ahmed Tinubu (GCFR) to take the five gender bills as an executive bill to the 10th assembly, as Nigeria needs to take Her pride of place in the committee of Nations as we currently lag behind in the development paradigm which is usually determined by the gender status of a Nation

“We take this opportunity to ask that the 5 gender bills that were rejected during the 9th assembly be given top priority in the 10th assembly.

We also ask that the president gives his full support to the demands of Nigerian women towards an equitable society.  

“We would like to remind him of his promises to the Nigerian women and the youth. We want to further stress that he includes more women in his cabinet. In his administration, the Nigerian women demand 35% representation of women in appointive positions across all strata, to ensure gender equity,” the NGO said.

While outlining the success achieved in sensitisation of women in politics and participation in elections through concerted efforts made by the organisation, it noted that it has increased knowledge of the rural women about their civic rights through sensitisation of voting processes which significantly increased the number of women at voting polls in the 2023 Elections.

According to the NGO, about 100 young female political aspirants were mentored on ethical guidelines in political participation as well as engagement and sensitization of women at the grassroots which led to increased level of interest of women in political and decision making processes, in the number of voters for female candidates adding, women went out to support women.

They further noted, “there has been more collaboration through meetings with different organizations for Constitutional Review. Commitment Forms were signed by the candidates to hold them accountable when elected into position. 

“Female politicians now have a platform to work with CSOs which has positively influenced female members of the communities to support more women in political participation.

“Increase in the participation of women in electoral processes, as we saw commitments being made by the stakeholders of political parties to appoint more female candidates and include women in various positions in the party.

“Increased knowledge of lobbying, leadership skills, awareness on gender inclusion for female youths in politics Increased collaboration of women in different political parties to ensure effective party administration at all levels.

“Recommendations and strategies that were put in place to influence the outcome of elections at both party and National levels worked to the advantage of women.

“The completed and disseminated research study was used as an advocacy tool for discussions during visits to stakeholders.

“Our advocacies have positively influenced policies by facilitating meaningful participation of women’s groups and the political party striving for gender equality and gender justice. This relationship facilitated meeting with the National Committee of the party, Passage of the 111 seats for women in the National Assembly, Increased awareness of women issues and directed engagement in public decision making. 

“It also Influenced legislative decisions, Increased awareness of women status in various political parties, Increased number of female candidates that contested for a position in the 2023 General Elections, and the Petitions created are used by diverse stakeholders (the press, legislatures and politicians)

“The press briefing attracted the attention of legislatures. This happened at a strategic time when the senate were meeting on constitutional review and this influenced their action to improve the 111 seats. 

“Through the collaboration with different organizations for constitutional review through different meetings held with these organizations, there has been more collaboration among women in different political parties towards effective party administration at all levels by women holding meetings, demanding more from political parties, Increased awareness of women status in various political parties which has made more women run for elective and appointive positions.”