Maida urges media to enlighten Nigerians on NCC’s strategic roadmap

The Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr. Aminu Maida, has tasked the media to enlighten Nigerians on Strategic Roadmap of the ministry of communication and digital economy and Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC ).
Maida stated this Wednesday when he received some executive members of Nigeria Information Technology Reporters’ Association (NITRA), Abuja Chapter.
He said: “I think the strategy put forward by the minister was very clear in terms of policy direction and we have to try to achieve it. We also need to make sure we are telling the story in a very fair and simplicity, whether to the man on the street or internationally, I see you being very critical in telling that story.”

According to him, “at the end of January we will be releasing our strategic Plan for the NCC and by and large for the industry in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda.”
He however, said there are areas the commission has started work.
“We need your support to help to enlighten the people to know what we are doing and talking about.
“The number of broadband penetration target set by the minister to achieve is very clear but what people do not realize is that is thing is a complicated, interrelated system of components that have to come together in harmony for us to move forward.
“I think, how we tell that story is very important and also it is going to require a bit of patience for people to trust us. , we need to tell stories that give people hope so that we can get that space to implement but it is not going to be easy job.
Speaking on Right of Way (RoW), he urged state government to reduce taxations and charged in order to encourage investments in infrastructure in the sector.

“The issue on the RoW, my own Governor gave me free of charge to kick start my job .
“Some states do not see the big picture, that there are more values when you charge less compared to when you charge much.
“But we need to get people to understand the potential values attached. We need to change the narrative about the RoW, moving away from saying is about the charge to opening up and allowing infrastructure to be there and see what can happen, like in Edo, Kaduna etc.”

The NCC boss however, lamented that vandalism of telecom infrastructure is affecting the growth of the sector, urging NITRA to enlightene the public on its dangers.
” Again, vandalism and disruptions are another area of concern because they are avoidable. The stakeholders understand.
“We know people responsible might not be intentional because they do not see the larger picture of shutting down a base station. Those are the kind of stories I will like NITRA to bring up,” he said.
In his address by NITRA President, Blessing Olaifa congratulated Maida on his appointment by the President and confirmation by the National Assembly.
He expressed the commitment of NITRA to partner NCC actualise its roadmap.