MACBAN condemns renewed killings of Fulani in Zango Kataf


Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has condemned the renewed killings of Fulani and cattle in Zango Kataf, Atyap Chiefdom, while calling on Kaduna state government to bring those responsible to book.  
Addressing the media in Kaduna on Thursday, MACBAN lamented the killing of seven people between March 11 and 21 including Ardo Pate Kurmi (Wakilin Fulani in Atyap Chiefdom) and Ardo Muhammadu Anchau who were killed on their way back from a peace meeting in Gora Gan. They also decried the killing of 592 cows and 138 sheep in March including 201 cows belonging to Abubakar Musa killed in Ungwan Wakili on March 24.

According to MACBAN Chairman, Kaduna state, Alhaji Haruna Usman Tugga, these renewed killings at a time when stakeholders from both sides and neutrals are intensifying efforts to ensure a lasting peace in the Atyap Chiefdom and Zango Kataf local government, seem to be aimed at derailing the peace efforts.

“In the past few days, there have been series of targeted killings by the Atyap communities on Fulani people including two Ardos: Ardo Pate Kurmi (Wakilin Fulani in the Atyap Chiefdom) and Ardo Muhammadu Anchau who were brutally killed in cold blood after embarking on a peace mission to Gora District of the Atyap Chiefdom.
“Their killing was orchestrated in a systematic way with active connivance or tacit support of the Officer In charge of Operation Safe Haven stationed at Gora Gan village, Gora District. This is because the attack that culminated in the brutal killing of the two Ardos and one other person started right at the camp of the Operation Safe Haven at Gora Gan when some Atyap women erupted into protest attacking the Ardos and three Fulani people with them.

“Notwithstanding the violent protests, the officers of the Operation Safe Haven asked the Ardos to be driven by the Secretary to the District Head of Gora District (one Ayuba Bungwon) without any security cover. Unfortunately, they were intercepted on the road along Sagwaza and the two Ardos and one other person, Muhammed Yakubu, were brutally killed. 
“As the Almighty would have it, two young persons, Yusuf Dauda, and Bammi Ardo Anchau were able to outran the attackers and narrowly escaped. There were several attacks on Fulani people and their livestock in Zango Kataf and surrounding local governments in recent weeks. 

“We condemn the killings and wanton destruction of wealth of innocent Fulani persons perpetrated by the Atyap communities in Zangon Kataf and other surrounding areas. The unprovoked attacks and killings by the Atyap communities are coming after several peace efforts that have been initiated by concerned stakeholders of Fulani, Hausa and Atyap ethnic groups in Kataf (Atyap) Chiefdom and beyond. 
“The Association therefore views the renewed violence on its members as provocative, mindless, deliberate and criminal acts capable of endangering more chaos to the entire Southern Kaduna. We commiserate with the families of the deceased and those who lost valuable wealth during the violence. 
“We appeal that the perpetrators of violence against our people should be identified, arrested and prosecuted according to the laws of the land. We call on our members to be calm and law abiding and not to take laws into their hands and to allow constituted authorities to enforce peace and order. 

“We call on the leadership of Atyap Chiefdom and Southern Kaduna to caution their subjects from attacking, killing and maiming our members and destroying their hard earned wealth. The government should pay adequate compensation for the lives of our members who were killed during the attacks as well as for their wealth that was heartlessly destroyed by the Atyap communities among others,” Haruna Tugga said. 

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