Long queues at banks, ATMs: Minister reveals Buhari’s reaction

After several weeks of long queues at various ATMs across the nation, the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, has spoken about President, Muhammadu Buhari’s perception.

The minister said the president was unhappy about the suffering of Nigerians in accessing the redesigned naira notes.

The minister on Thursday in a media briefing described the current situation being experienced by Nigerians as a patient having a wound or deep sore but must submit to excruciating pain while undergoing treatments.

”We are worried, we are not happy that citizens have to queue and struggle to get their cash but this is a temporary situation.

“Let me give you an analogy, this situation can be compared to a patient having a sore and while treating the sore, you must apply some iodine or spirit which is usually very painful.

”Mr President is not happy that citizens are suffering but come the closing date which the Central Bank of Nigeria has given, it will not all be over as a window still exists for people to return their old notes.

“There is also the positive side to it, which is that a lot of currency has been mopped up back into the system,” she said.