Liz Truss speaks after resignation, gives farewell address

New 15 UK Prime Minister Liz Truss meets Queen Elizabeth

Outgoing United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Liz Truss has given her farewell speech.
Truss said her government acted urgently and decisively.
She addressed the nation outside 10 Downing Street for the last time, saying her government acted urgently and decisively on the sides of families and businesses.
“In just a short period, this government has acted urgently and decisively on the side of hardworking families and businesses.

“We reversed the national insurance increase. We helped millions of households with their energy bills and help thousands of businesses avoid bankruptcy.

“We are taking back our energy independence so we are never again beholden to global market fluctuations or malign foreign powers,” she said.

She added that her time in office has left her “more convinced than ever that we need to be bold and confront the challenges that we face”.
According to her, “As the Roman philosopher get Senaca wrote, it’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

“We simply cannot afford to be a low growth country where the government takes up an increasing share of our national wealth … We need to take advantage of our Brexit freedoms to do things differently. This means delivering more freedom for our own citizens. And restoring power to democratic institutions. It means lower taxes so people can keep more of the money that they earn.”
Truss said democracies must be able to deliver for their own people, adding that “We must be able to outcompete autocratic regimes.

“Now more than ever we must support Ukraine. Ukraine must prevail and we must continue to strengthen our nation’s defences.”
She said said she wished “every success” to Rishi Sunak, adding that she looked forward to spending more time in her constituency and serving the country from the back benches.
The outgoing PM stated that: “We continue to battle through a storm but I believe in Britain, I believe in the British people and I know that brighter days lie ahead.”
She left Downing Street after ending her speech.

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