Letter to the people of Kwande, Benue state

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This is not the first time I will be writing an open letter to you the good people of Kwande local government area of Benue state. You have been living in peace and harmony with one another and that is commendable.

I believe many of you are aware that one of your sons, Comrade Martin Iorsamber, is contesting for Benue North East Senatorial Position (Zone A), under Social Democratic Party (SDP).

Your place (Kwande local government area) was one of the areas in Benue state that other local government councils in the state were working hard to build and develop like you but it is now the opposite of its former glory.

The name: Adikpo London Kwande became popular in those days because of the level of development witnessed there. There was development in education, infrastructure, health, sports, agriculture and many more because you were united to fight for a common goal.

Politics came and caused misunderstandings that resulted to fights, killings and destructions of things you once established when living in peace and unity. But the good thing is that you are always resolving your differences to come back and live together as one.

I must be honest to say that Kwande of today is no longer the Kwande of yesterday as it is now unattractive, missing in development, missing in peace, missing in love and missing in unity.

The senatorial position your son, Comrade Martin Iorsamber, is contesting for, has been yours for a very long time but you allowed yourself to be used by many political actors in the state who bribed and turned you against your own selves where you killed your brothers, sisters, parents and good friends, fighting for these political actors instead of fighting for your own people who were also equal to the task.

I am calling on you to wake up this time and support your own, Comrade Martin Iorsamber. Support him not only because he is your own but because he can deliver and liberate you from the long standing injustice that is limiting your growth.

The care, the love, the peace and unity that were once the pillars and secrets to your success should be showered upon the young Comrade Martin, to ensure his victory so that Kwande will be great again.

Awunah Pius Terwase,
Mpape, Abuja.
[email protected]