Letter to Misau youth

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Dear vibrant, loving, law-abiding and concerned Misau youths of Bauchi state. It has become absolutely necessary and imperative to write you this letter. The use of inappropriate language and vulgar words by our youths in Misau local government area is outrageous and uncalled for. This issue is getting out of hand. There is the need for us to learn how to use social media positively to develop our society.

We can use social media to share information and pleasantries leading to our personal and professional development. Our society must benefit from social media.

These days, some youths are using social media to promote indiscipline. We must use social media focusing on politics, policies, analysis of situations, etc. We must do our best to stop ruining our names and our future.

Remember that our voices reflect the voices of the society and future leaders. We the youth must know how to figure out our pains and have a way of calling the attention of government on our demands.

In a democracy, each one of us has the right to express our views without necessarily being vulgar. Our culture, tradition and religion require us to be decent.

Our social media activism reflects the voices of our great societies and the future generations. Some youths take the advantage of easy accessibility to social media to promote unguarded statements. Finally, I advise my fellow youth to maintain a high level of responsibility and decorum in all their dealings.

One day, we will be leaders, let’s start the leadership now.

Rukaiya Umar Digmari,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri,

Borno state