Letter to graduating students

he most joyful moment students had during school life is the day of graduation; the day each of them will be thinking of becoming an important personality in his/her society. They graduate with fresh minds and brains full of knowledge and wisdom whereby everyone is desperate to help his/her communities in one way or the other.

Unfortunately, expectations change due to the high competition in the labour market, as millions of graduates roam the street seeking employment, when the private and public sectors can’t engage the teeming graduates. Life becomes unbearable and disheartening to the graduates after the mandatory one year national service because of their inability to secure job.

Although, government should resolve the unemployment debacle, there is need for the graduates to apply technical know-how to avoid joblessness. The idea behind entrepreneurship skills been taught in tertiary institutions is to build students’ capacity to learn for self-reliance after graduation.

Therefore, students should be very mindful of their entrepreneurship courses, don’t just grab the certificate with an empty head and later blame government for not employing you. Make sure you are groomed before leaving school.

Gideon Joshua Balami.

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri