Late arrival, BVAS failure mar election at Kaduna’s millennium city

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After hours of delay due to late arrival of materials, voting commenced 12 noon at poling unit 048 MPH Estate Danhonu II, Millennium City, Chikun local government of Kaduna state, though some voters could not vote due to BIVAS failure.

The Presiding Officer of the polling unit, Saidu Aliyu, blamed the delayed arrival of materials on logistic, saying, “The delay was from drag center. We didn’t collect the material on time due to logistics and we didn’t leave the drag center until 10am”.

He said the BIVAS has failed to recognise some of the voters despite their name being on the register of 448 voters.

The electorates, some of whom registered newly at the polling unit, had challenge voting as the BIVAS machine failed to capture their PVC, stating, “No result found”.

The Presiding officer however asked them to wait for them to finish with the rest of the people, before he would take their statistics and speak with his superiors to see what can be done since accreditation cannot be done manually.

The Ward Head, Alhaji Umar Zailani, said despite the late arrival of materials, “the voters were not deterred as they turned out in large numbers and operation has been running smoothly and peacefully”.