Lamido, Jigawa @28 and the rest of us

On August 27, 1991, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida created nine more states, namely, Jigawa, Abia, Enugu, Delta, Kebbi, Osun, Kogi, Taraba and Yobe, bringing the total number of states in Nigeria to 30.

When Sule Lamido became governor in 2007, Jigawa was at the peak of political, social, economic and even mental degeneration. Our schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure were deplorable. But within a short time he restored a new social life for the people by providing almost all the necessary developmental facilities that changed the social, economical and mental thinking of the people of the state.

Schools were constructed/reconstructed and they were adequately staffed, equipped with functional libraries and laboratories, with classrooms have modern instructional technologies; computers connected to the internet, projectors audio-visual and video conferencing equipment with availability of logistics etc. Construction of Airport of an international standard, over 2000 kilometers standard road network, Jigawa Radio and Television (JTV), NYSC orientation camp, state secretariat, Malam Aminu Triangle event centre, High court, two new universities, a teaching hospital, establishment and reconstruction of three polytechnics, an informatics institute, a famous college of education, schools of nursing and health technology, women and youth employment/empowerment and a peaceful co-existence in the state, scholarship, salary and pension paid promptly, to mention but a few.

From 2007-2014, every year, Lamido celebrated Jigawa birthday by organising prayers, symposiums, lectures, etc with attendance of all past governors, emirs, Ulamas, politicians, academics, journalists, women, youths, civil society groups and even the physically challenge persons, etc. This enhances educational awareness, unity of purpose, moral upbringing, peaceful-co-existence, mutual understanding, political stability and cultural heritage. But to our surprise, this year’s anniversary was silent. No sign of any event to showcase Jigawa is 28 years after its creation with even assertion of the absence of the governor out of the state. What a change!

When Lamido left in 2015, he left with his experience, foresight, oversight and of course the wisdom, etc, We still hope and pray that, the present administration will keep the process, hold the tempo and maintain the legacies/institutions. Lamido will continue to be remembered as the most experienced politician in Nigeria, a liberator of the common man, a true democrat, a party man, a consistence politician, best governor of , a committed leader, the Messiah of Jigawa people and architecture of modern Jigawa.

Thank you Lamido. Sule Lamido will continue working for Nigeria to be efficient and great.

Happy birthday @28

Adamu Muhd Usman.


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