Laliga reaches 200 million followers

LaLiga has hit a new milestone in its digital strategy, surpassing 200 million followers across the 16 digital platforms on which it operates to round out a season in which it averaged growth of around 1.4 million followers per week. When compared to other major leagues, this achievement positions LaLiga as the leading football competition in terms of number of followers.

With a digital ecosystem that has grown by 40.8 million followers over the course of the campaign, LaLiga is now the most popular of the five major European leagues on social media. In second place is the Premier League with 192.1 million followers (up 33.1 million over this past season), followed by the Bundesliga in third with 38.4 million followers (up 5.8 million), Ligue 1 in fourth with 31.5 million followers with (up 9.8 million), and Serie A in fifth with 28.6 million followers (up 5.9 million).

LaLiga currently has profiles on 16 platforms, including, among others: 12 on Twitter, 3 on Line, 2 on Instagram, 2 on TikTok, and 2 on Facebook; as well as being available in a total of 20 languages (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Hinglish, Bengali, Turkish, Thai, Bahasa, Russian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Lingala, Wolof, Swahili, and Pidgin English). A number of these profiles are dedicated to target markets such as China (Weibo, Toutiao, Wechat and Bili Bili), Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia (Line). Furthermore, LaLiga’s ability to attract young fans is of particular significance, as the profiles that have grown the most in recent years are those with the lowest average age, as is the case with TikTok.

Alfredo Bermejo, LaLiga’s Director of Digital Strategy, said: “This is a true milestone for LaLiga as we are the first football league to reach this number. This achievement is part of LaLiga’s long-standing commitment to enhancing its digital ecosystem, an objective that helps impact and capture new audiences, accelerate growth, and generate business.

Emphasis on creative strategy and engaging content, adapted to digital trends, are the drivers behind this success. Adapting content to different formats, countries and demographics is also key to reaching an ever-wider audience.”

In line with this approach, LaLiga has implemented a plan to support the digital growth of its clubs within the framework of the Boost LaLiga Plan, which has yielded excellent results; their follower numbers have skyrocketed, increasing ninefold since the beginning of the season. This figure reflects the rigorous changes implemented by clubs within their digital environments and the frequent sharing of best practices as part of the Boost LaLiga plan.