Lagos spends N1bn on 1,681 vulnerable 

The Special Adviser to Governor of Lagos State,  Mr.Babajide Sanwo-olu on  political, legislative and civic engagement, Dr. Afolabi Tajudeen, has said that, in the last one year, the state government has spent N1 billion to render assistance to 1,681vulnerable people in the state.

He maintained that the assistance to the vulnerable is to lift them from poverty and the assistance is still ongoing process and in the  next few weeks additional 1,774 people will also benefit from the largesse of the government.

Dr Tajudeen said, anybody that needs the assistance of the state government can apply and the person must also be  registered as a resident of the state.

He maintained that, the state also has created a telecommunications system whereby every complaint about government policies and information about the state can be got, which is labelled Lagos citizen gate mobile application, and so far over 233,395 have visited the platform.

Speaking against the backdrop of the information that, the relationship between the executive arm and the legislative arm is not cordial. He said it was an erroneous conclusion for the public to assume the relationship between the executive and the legislative arm is not cordial.

Dr. Tajudeen said, “there is a harmonious relationship between the executive arm and the legislative arm, since the inception of this administration.

“The governor Mr. Sanwo-Olu has told we members of the executive council that whenever we receive invitation letter from the House of Assembly,we should respond promptly, more so if there is any protest to the house of Assembly,we of the political and legislative office do go there to know what the protest is about and report back to the state governor.

“The governor has emphasized that,the harmonious relationship must be sustained,” he said.

Speaking about the activities of his office,he said his office was designed to enlighten communities  on government policies,initiatives and expected to allow for harmonious, and conflict free society to ensure improved social development.

Dr. Tajudeen maintained that, there is regular Executive/Legislative parley between the executive arm and the legislative arm,which is an avenue to deliberate and chart a new course for the development of the state.