Lagos-Kano express train service: Passengers appeal for more coaches

Frustrated passengers wait endlessly at Kaduna train station...Video by Abdulrahman Zakariyau, Blueprint


Following the resumption of the express passengers train service from Lagos to Kano which was suspended as a result of ongoing works on the Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge that necessitated the alignment of the narrow gauge, passengers have appealed for additional coaches on the route. 

The shortage of coaches on the route became apparent since the Nigerian Railway Corporation NRC also suspended services from Ilorin to Kaduna and from Offa to Kano, both services hitherto helped reduce the volume of passengers coaches from Lagos had to pick in those terminals enroute Kano. 

However, now that the Ilorin-Kaduna and Offa-Kano are temporarily off service, pressure is mounting on the coaches from Lagos to Kano as they have to pick additional passengers on the busy terminals of Oshogbo, Ilorin, Offa Mokwa and others along the route. 

Some passengers interviewed expressed delight for the resumption of the train services which is only operating weekly between Kano and Kaduna and called on the NRC management to consider making it twice weekly in order to decongest the ever increasing numbers of passengers to and from Lagos. 

A businessman, Alhaji Musa Maiguoro who spoke to our reporter at the Iddo terminal in Lagos on Monday said the quantum of goods and passengers coaches from Lagos have to pick along the road makes it imperative for additional coaches. 

He said “look at me, l am preparing these goods for the Kano service that will depart on Friday, from what I heard from fellow businessmen and women here planning to join the same coach. Our goods alone have filled all the compartments meant for them, but the train will still pick others on the road, yams and various agricultural produce to Kano.” 

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