Lagos-Calabar coastal highway: I saved landmark property, others – Umahi

Federal Minister of Works, Engr. David Umahi has said that he saved Landmark property without knowing the owner.

Umahi made the clarification during an interaction with Journalists at his Abakaliki resident after May 29 celebration.

The former Governor of Ebonyi state however, disclosed that none of landmark’s structure was destroyed but challenged him to publish the properties he claimed was demolished.

“Go to the Total Estate and find out. There are two Obas within that zone. Let me start from chenet zero. Chenet zero to chent one plus 200 plus one point three kilometres nothing was destroyed. You will get to chenech one point 500, you will see the house of Bolaji. Magnificent house, white house. It is bigger than one of Landmark’s properties. I did everything to save it, I couldn’t save it. He is a Yoruba person.

“Then after his own, you now go to one of the Obas, Oniru. Oniru is the title holder of the entire place and they are the people that sold the land to Landmark.

“Landmark has two tall buildings. One is ongoing. He has the boundary that was sold to him. The Oniru family did not sell the shoreline to him. They did not. What he did is to now get tenants and put in the entire shoreline and he was collecting rent from them.
“None of Landmark property was involved in the demolition and no permanent structure along that road. His property is chalet one plus 800. I saved his two properties, not because he is Landmark, but I am a developer because whatever you sow is what you will reap. I thought I save that house of Bolaji but it was not possible at all. I saved the Landmark property without knowing who had it”.

Umahi further disclosed that Federal government has so far paid the sum of 2.7 billion naira compensation to the affected peopel.

“As we are talking, the demolition of shanties and some infrastructure is ongoing. We pay compensation of about 2.7 billion. Between now and may be Monday, we will pay another compensation of about 7.13 billion. We are paying compensation not that everybody deserve it, but because it is also a way of helping people. When people build against the law, Mr. President is not the type that will punish people. The welfare of the people is what he signed first. So, it also away of helping even though we do encourage people to build against the law.

“The project is of course moving. In fact, the section one started in three sections and the section two which has just been approved is also started. What people do not know is that as the road is moving, it is being connected to ever existed or completed road.

“So section one is 47.47 kilometres and we are moving very fast to see that by 29th of May, we would have finished that one, then we commission it with toll gate and then the combination of return on investment from the toll that will come and a lot will come up on the shore line and ten the government will also make money from it. So, it will work”.