Kwara, Kogi emerge top performing states at ‘Shaibu D’ Table Tennis championship

Kwara and Kogi states have emerged as the top-performing states at the just concluded inaugural North Central Table Tennis Championship organised by Shaibu Mohammed.

At the two-day event, 78 players hailing from seven North Central states – Benue, FCT Abuja, Plateau, Nassarawa, Kwara, Niger, and the host state, Kogi, participated in the championship, which proved to be a gathering of the region’s finest table tennis enthusiasts.

Team Kwara dominated the podium, clinching gold in the men’s singles, women’s singles, and Cardet boys singles, and securing silver in the Cardet girls singles category.

The host state, Kogi, showcased its prowess by securing gold in Cadet girls’ singles, silver in men’s singles, women’s singles, and cardet boys’ singles.

Speaking to the media, the championship’s sponsor, Mr. Shaibu Mohammed, expressed his satisfaction with the event’s organization and the commitment exhibited by both the host state and the Table Tennis Association.
Mohammed highlighted the broader mission of the championship, emphasizing its role in discovering and nurturing latent talents.

He announced plans for an annual recurrence of the championship, underlining the crucial role of partnerships, particularly in terms of sponsorship, to sustain and enhance its impact.

Mohammed urged athletes and coaches to maintain the spirit of sportsmanship and professionalism displayed during the competition.

He stressed the importance of self-development, consistency in practice, and unwavering dedication to inspire both present and future athletes.

The head coach of the Kogi Table Tennis team, Friday Abbah, acknowledged the significance of the championship as a pioneering event in the state.

He called on well-meaning individuals in Kogi and across Nigeria to contribute to sports development and to recognize the potential for such events to shape the future of aspiring athletes.