Kogi East: Youths caution politicians against ethnic politics

A political group under the aegis of Kogi East APC Youths Movement has warned politicians from the eastern senatorial district of the state who are fanning the embers of ethnic politics to desist in the interest of development.

At a press conference held in  Lokoja, Tuesday, the convener of the group, Promise Emmanuel, accused some politicians in the eastern flank of the state using ethnic politics as a platform for their selfish political ambitions under the guise of fighting for the people.

He, however, warned that Igala/Bassa nation are not ethnic bigots as being peddled by some groups in the state, but urged those in the habit to desist in the interest of peace and development of the senatorial district.

“We denounce in totality the continuous quest by professional politicians who deceive the youths by using the veil of ethnic politics to set us against our brothers from the other divides. The Igala/Bassa nation is a progressive nation that accommodates other ethnic groups without the flare of wanting everything only to herself.

“Again, we reject political tribalism in all its insidious forms and declare unequivocally that Kogi belongs to all its people, irrespective of tribe or creed. Make no mistake, we are drawing an immutable line in the sand – tribalism has no place in our state.

“This malignant scourge seeks to tear the very fabric of our society apart with its corrosive, divisive agenda. We denounce its vile forces utterly and call for their complete and utter excision from the body politic of Kogi East.

“We stand firm, unshakable in our belief that the progress and prosperity of Kogi East and Kogi state by extension, can only be achieved when we extinguish the flames of tribalism and instead embrace our diversity as a source of strength,” he stated.

The group, however, passed a vote of confidence on the governor of Kogi state, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, adding that his achievements within 100 days in office are highly commendable.

“It is with profound conviction that we throw our unwavering support behind the transformative leadership of Governor Usman Ahmed Ododo. His resolute commitment to inclusive governance and rejection of tribal politics resonates powerfully with our core values. We celebrate his bold vision for a united Kogi State under the immutable banner of human fraternity, not fractured by tribal fault lines.

“In just a few months, Governor Ododo has already demonstrated an indomitable dedication to the wellbeing of all Kogites, irrespective of tribal affiliations. With surgical precision, his policies have transcended these outmoded, regressive tribal boundaries to focus squarely on the greater good of our state and its people as a cohesive whole,” he said.