KCCN rolls out 2021 plans, recalls successes 10 years after

The Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria (KCCN) has outlined programmes for the year 2021 with utmost readiness to hit the ground running.

Director of KCCN Mr. Lee Jin-Su who spoke during a press conference when all the centre’s activities for the year were rolled in Abuja said so far in his two-year reign, he has discovered how Nigerians cherished their culture as well as their willingness to use natural talents to embrace great partnership across cultural inheritances from other countries.

Mr Jin Su further recalled how 2020 posed great challenges to their programmes due to the COVID-19 pandemic which led to cancellation of many events.

He said KCCN has made great efforts in various fields to promote cultural exchange between Nigeria and Korea over the past 10 years, adding, “As a result, we have produced a number of remarkable achievements amid extreme moments. It was all possible thanks to the affection of Nigerian citizens towards Korean culture.

 “Nigerian citizens have created amazing cultural achievements in a variety of fields through their innate talents. As a country that has produced a Nobel Prize winner in literature, Nigeria has deep knowledge in literature, and their passion music and dance are drawing from all around the world.

“I take pride in the fact that I am working to promote cultural exchange between the two countries for these wonderful people.”

The KCCN director said after heightened pandemic effects in 2020, it was time to prepare for the post COVID-19 era.

“Last year, the Korean cultural centre replaced offline events with online events and communicated with Nigerian citizens via social media and video conferences, considering the fact that it would be difficult to conduct face-to-face events.

“Contrary to my initial concerns, the reaction of Nigerian citizens was just as high as that of offline events, and in the midst of it, we were able to find a small direction on how to move forward in this era with coronavirus,” he said.

Part of the activities outlined by KCCN in2021 include K-wave  awareness, KCCN visitation events, K-pop dance, Taekwondo – Ambassador’s Cup, Korea cultural festival, Asian film festival, Korea film festival, Online trot concert, K-drama awards among others.

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