Kaduna-Qatar: A win-win partnership

Basically, the challenge is universal but varies in scope, degree and severity. Individuals, businesses and governments face the same conundrum on a regular basis. Usually, the to-do list is endless but resources are limited and something has to give way for the other. Somehow, concessions are made, involving a give and take, requiring tough choices. However, beyond opportunity cost, finance remains the elephant in the room. Everywhere, it is ubiquitous at personal levels, in various boardrooms, at State or Federal Executive Council meetings.

Significantly, Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna state has devised a funding matrix to execute his SUSTAIN agenda, through government financing, public private partnership and private investments. So far, the combination is working seamlessly, as the various components complement each other. Projects, by so doing, are being executed without let or hindrance.

Indeed, the rural transformation programme, the government’s flagship project, commenced last September, with the flagging off of the 21.7 kilometer road, linking Anchau, Gadas-Palla road in Kubau and Ikara local government areas, to address the transportation challenges of 32 communities. Similarly, two months later, the governor performed a more colourful, elaborate and expanded ground breaking event at Kudan local government  area in November, where a 10.2 kilometre road, stretching from Dan Makwarwa to Hunkuyi, was flagged off.

On December 23, ground breaking and flag offs, including roads, drainages and culverts constructions, were done across the eight local government areas in Southern Kaduna. Likewise, zone 2 witnessed its own share of ground breaking, with the flagging off of two rural roads this year. Specifically, a 35 kilometre road will be constructed from Gadan Gayan, through Gwaraji to Kujama Junction, linking Igabi and Chikun local government areas, in Kaduna Central senatorial district. Similarly, the six kilometre College Road will be built in Sabon Tasha, from Signboard through Juji, connecting the Eastern Bypass.

However, apart from direct funding, the governor has been to Kuwait, Qatar and just about every country, to woo investors and businesses are now trickling in, to bolster government’s efforts. Likewise, the Uba Sani administration, in collaboration with Qatar Charity Foundation, is delivering on the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign promises, especially in housing and human capital development.

Last August, the partnership started on a strong footing, with the ground breaking of the Sanabil Project, initiated by the Qatar Charity, for the construction the Kaduna Economic City and the provision of Mass Housing. Indeed, 500,000 less privileged persons, according to the plan, will benefit from the project and as at January, the first phase has reached advanced stage. Besides, the Economic City will provide world class infrastructure, along with clinics, shops and poultry farms, including farmlands.

Housing is not the only project on the Qatar Charity’s checklist for Kaduna state. The poor, underserved and vulnerable children will benefit from scholarships and other empowerment programmes across the 23 local government areas. In fact, sewing machines, welding machines and irrigation pumping machines, as well as salon kits, will be distributed to beneficiaries. Boreholes will be drilled for deserving communities by the foundation. The Charity offered free eye surgery, across the three senatorial districts, to 3,600 patients in Kaduna state last month. Indeed, 600 people underwent cataract and other minor eye surgeries while 3,000 received outpatient consultations.

Last week Wednesday, the Ambassador of the State of Qatar, Dr Ali bin Ghanem Ali Hajir, hosted a reception in honour of Mr Yousef Ali-Kuwari, the Global CEO of Qatar Charity Foundation. Diplomats, businessmen and government officials, were among the guests. The governor, on behalf of Kaduna state, received an award for excellent collaboration with Qatar Charity and the effective execution of the foundation’s projects. Indeed, the partnership between Kaduna state and Qatar Charity Foundation has been a win-win collaboration which benefits the people and executes the latter’s mandate.

Ibraheem Musa,