Kaduna: CDS commissions 150 vehicles, 500 motor cycles donated to security agencies

The Chief of Defence Staff ( CDS) General Christopher Gwabin Musa, Tuesday commissioned 150 vehicles and 500 motor cycles purchased by the Kaduna state Governor, Uba Sani for distribution to security agencies in Kaduna state.

A statement by director defence information Brig Gen Tukur Gusau disclosed that the CDS expressed his heart felt appreciation to the governor for the invaluable donation of the vehicles.

The gesture of solidarity and support he added underscores the strong partnership between the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) and government at both state and federal levels.

General Musa further maintained that these vehicles and motor cycles will “undoubtedly bolster our operational readiness, enhance our mobility, and further strengthen our capacity to safeguard the security and sovereignty of our beloved country. “

He therefore called on members of the AFN and other security agencies to recommit themselves to the noble cause of defending our nation with honour and integrity.

He added that ” Let us harness the capabilities of these vehicles to further enhance our operational effectiveness, protect our communities, and uphold the values of loyalty, courage, and unity that define our armed forces”.

The CDS added “Together, we stand as guardians of peace, guardians of freedom, and guardians of the Nigerian people.”

The Defence Chief also thanked the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his profound support to the AFN and all security agencies in our effort to fulfill our constitutional roles.

In his remarks, the governor Sani, said the momentous occasion is a giant step in our collective efforts at enhancing the security and well-being of the people of Kaduna state.

He added that the safety and security of Kaduna citizens remains paramount to his administration. He recognises the challenge faced by security personnel, especially in terms of mobility and swift access to remotes areas.

He further said the citizens can feel safer because of the visibility of security presence. He particularly thanked the CDS for his unparalleled contributions to national security.

Governor Sani also said that the security vehicle and motor cycles are ” about demonstrating our continued support to security forces. It is about empowering our security personnel, showing them that we value their sacrifices.

Governor Uba Sani also directed the state Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs to name the conference hall of the Ministry in memory of late Lieutenant Colonel AH Ali, the gallant Army officer who lost his life while actively defending the nation in Delta state.