Kaduna: Body organises inclusive dialogue on access to justice  

A non-governmental organisation, Global Peace Development, with support from International Alert, has organised inclusive dialogue on access to justice, SGBV and harmful practices programme in Dangoma, Goska and Zikpak communities in Jema’a local government area of Kaduna state. 

The programme provided an avenue to give the Community Dialogue Facilitators trained by the organisation the opportunity to step down what they learnt and identify community issues and proffer solutions on the way forward in order to encourage peaceful and social cohesion. 

Some participants at the program stated that the major cause of the conflict bedeviling their communities are blocking of cattle routes and destruction of crops by cattle, which they attributed to the training which they received from the NGOs.

They have been scaling up lessons learnt and they have been surmounting many of the challenges.

They lamented that they are still facing some challenges owing to the fact that some bad eggs, especially strangers sometimes come and cause havoc and run away.

While commending International Alert for its kind gesture, they promised to do everything possible to ensure that they have mutual respect and understanding among themselves to take their communities to another level of development. 

Speaking at the program, the manager, Salama Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Mrs Grace Yohanna Abbin,  stated that NGOs and people from other countries are interested in  peaceful coexistence and they are using their resources to guide us on how to live peacefully and avoid tendencies that is causing chaos and problems.

Mrs Abbin said, “it is time for all hands to be on deck by all stakeholders, leaders and parents geared towards reciprocating the gesture of those people  to avoid all tendencies causing the unrest and ensure normalcy and lasting peace return to our communities.”

She said this can be achieved if participants pay attention and do the needful by inculcating family added values of a child in the home, and ensuring equity and justice in addition to the fear of God.

The Project Officer of Global Peace Development, Mr. Yusuf Yashioh Baba, observed that since the major cause of farmers and herder clashes is blocking cattle routes and resulting in crops destruction by cattle, he advised the leaders of the groups in every community to organise meetings frequently to ensure dialogues and discussion on  issues of common interest that would enhance normalcy, lasting peace and peaceful co-existence. 

He said leaders in every community have a role in ensuring creation of awareness on human rights, legal remedies, legal aid and assistance, as well as gender biases which are  some of the factors impeding access to justice, particularly for women and people with disability. 

He added that the program aims to give the Community Dialogue Facilitators the opportunity to communicate with members of their communities to build all it takes in assisting in dispute resolutions   which has been causing unrest on peaceful co-existence in communities, and preventing meaningful development. 

Mr. Yusuf tasked the participants to go back to their various communities and scale down the lessons learnt which is the only way they can promote stability, access to social justice and   facilitate inclusive dialogue on access to justice. 

Also speaking, Ahmed Yahaha from the Ministry of Human Development and Human Services stated that the issue of peace is very important, and it is the responsibility of individuals in any community.