Justify your defection, Idoma group tells Ortom

A group known as Idoma Young Stakeholders (IYS) yesterday challenged the Governor of Benue state, Dr.
Samuel Ortom to justify his defection from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with his achievements while in office.
The group that has sympathy for the ruling APC also challenged the governor to a public debate over what they described as “endemic failures” of the governor, adding that the people of Benue would reject him in 2019.
Addressing a news conference in Abuja, convener of the pro-APC Idoma group, apologised to the leadership of the party and President Muhammadu Buhari for whatever embarrassment Ortom’s defection might have caused them.
“We declare our unalloyed support for President Muhammadu Buhari as he pilots the affairs of state.
We declare that we shall deliver block vote for him come 2019.
We proclaim our continued membership of the APC.
We are very sorry for the embarrassment called Ortom.
We promise to remedy the mistake in the next election as we promise to once again deliver our zone to Mr. President. We stand with you.
Go on with the giant strides which we are proud to be associated with.
Before long, the truth shall prevail even if it is under a barrage of attack.We shall prevail.
“Permit me to once again, reaffirm that Benue APC respects Ortom’s right to freely associate as he wishes, but come to think of it, who in his right thinking mind in Benue, whether in APC or PDP believes that Ortom is re-electable? That is the dilemma before them in the PDP which he has defected to.
So, for the APC, it is indeed a relief and we wish him and the PDP the best of luck.
But nothing can be more fortuitous than his voluntary departure because every APC member in Benue and Nigeria has been in agony.
“What we are looking forward to is how PDP intends to field him and win the election in the state.
The people of Benue know of his endemic failures and would reject him.
Benue has never had it this bad.
Ortom is a failure.
We challenge him to say otherwise as we are willing to engage him in a public debate.” According to the convener: “We respect Ortom’s right to move out of our party, but we ask, must he set the state on fire because of his primordial appetite for power? He must always remember that power comes from God and he freely endows it on whoever He pleases.
We encourage him to leave the President out of his troubles and give account of his stewardship to justify his recent political move as an adult.
“In Benue state, we are shocked the way and manner some of our former associates who recently defected to the PDP, want to stand logic on its head in a bid to mislead and misinform the people.
Here, we are talking about the state governor, Dr. Ottorm’s freedom to associate with any political party of his choice is never in dispute.
But what is expected of him is that he should not assault common sense and good judgment in the process.
“Our governor’s despicable utterances have made allusion to the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari is responsible for his travails.
At any rate, Nigerians are mindful of the comportment and decency of Mr

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