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Journalists hold inaugural Alamiesigha public lecture in Bayelsa

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Bayelsa State council Tuesday held an inaugural annual memorial public lecture in honor of late chief DSP Alamiesiegha, former governor of Bayelsa State.
Prof. Benjamin Okaba, while delivering a lecture at the conference hall  of Ernest Ikoli Press Center said Alameseigha was as a colossal personality per excellence, the best in Niger Delta, that played politics of no boarders, Moses of Niger Delta, voice of the voiceless, and hope of the hopeless. There’s no peace until we settle for nobody is a slave to anybody, he said.
Speaking on the Theme, “True Federalism: Panacea for sustainable development” he said, true federalism is undoubtedly the minimum irreducible and non negotiable prerequisite for structural equity and economic growth, but not a sufficient guarantee or ultimate condition for sustainable peace and development in the Niger Delta region.
“We need true federalism because its going to bring structural equity, but that does not automatically translate to sustainable development.
“We must also restructure our mind set, its time for us to look beyond oil revenue. The economy at this time is sharing our oil, if Niger Delta is about giving us the oil, and we had nothing apart from oil. If there’s economy diversification and every part of this country is able to produce one thing and the other, we may go back to our independent constitution.”
Paying glowing tributes to the first governor of the state, Dr. Godknows Boladei Igali said, “we need heroes that have an impact like Diepriye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha who played politics without bitterness.
Ambassador Dr Godknows Boladei Igali described the late DSP Alamiesiegha as a child who bear no grudge in spite of political challenges from his opponents.
The Royal father of Day ,His Royal Majesty, Okpiotare Diongoli said that the late “Alamieyeseigha was a good man who believes in resources control and emancipation of the Niger Delta
“Alamiesiegha was a good and great man who loved his people and  the Ijaw race. He was a firm believer of resources control and emancipation of the Niger Delta.
” He left legacies of selflessness, committed, determined and focused on sheer education values.”
The Royal father also explained that Alamieyeseigha had shortcomings but his goodness out weighed his weaknesses.

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