Jos North collapsing over market closure

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Jos North local government area as the center of business in Plateau state is collapsing due to the closure of people Bauchi junction market.

The fire incident in the market in which many people died and millions of naira property destroyed has created a lot of hardship for the people of the state.

Thousands of people who have been earning their livelihood in this market for many years are now stranded as a result of the closure of the market by the state the government.

With the current economic hardship in the country, it’s suicidal for anyone to lose his or her means of livelihood .

The people of this market are not the ones that caused this fire outbreak, in the first place. They’re also suffering from the unfortunate incident including people that lost their lives.

Those residing around that area also can’t imagine how traumatic that day was for them. So, the victims of the fire incident should not be punished by stopping them from their business or even completely closing the market that usually puts food on their table.

Government should please reopen the market because even the markets in the metropolis cannot meet the needs of the people talk more of closing of another market inside Jos town.

I am calling on the government to be merciful and sympathise with the people by reopening the market for business.

Closure of the market cannot be the solution to the problem but will instead create more problems.

Muhammad Auwal Muhammad,
University of Maiduguri, Borno state