Join government to ameliorate hunger, poverty, gubernatorial candidate appeal to rich Nigerians

Accord Party governorship candidate for Edo state, Dr. Bright Enabulele, has appealed to public spirited individuals to join hands with government to ameliorate hunger and poverty in the country.

Speaking while sharing food items to about 1000 Nigerians in Abuja, specifically in Mpape community in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Saturday, the governorship candidate, who is the Chief Executive Offer (CEO) of Oduwa Global, admitted that there’s hunger in the land.

Appealing further to public spirited individuals to team up with government to protect humanity, Dr. Enabulele, said he’s playing his part to reduce hunger in the land.

He said: “There’s hunger in the land, people are hungry and a hungry man is an angry man, I’m here to play my part in reducing hunger. When we all play our part our soceity will be the better for it. 

“As we come together, Nigeria is our country no matter our ethnicity. We must all play our own part.

“We don’t have to wait for the government to help the people. If we all do our part, the country will be good for us all.

“Non-Governmental Organizations should come together and do the needful.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us. We have the land for agriculture, I don’t see why Nigerians should be hungry. We should all come together to feed our people.”

On why he decided to kickstart the project in the FCT, he said, “beyond politics we must have humanity, government alone cannot do everything we must, as citizens, contribute our quota to reducing the hunger and poverty in the land. 

“When a man is hungry he can’t think properly. I’m here to do my own part to make this a reality. Nigeria is our country we must work together to make it work. 

“We must all come together to play our part, we can’t keep complained everyday. There should be food for all, we can’t continue to wait for government. 

“Let’s come together as members of various NGOs to amiliorate hunger. Food is essential, our children and the vulnerable around us cannot be allowed to go hungry. 

“We are here to assist government. Beyond politics, humanity comes first. We will do everything to help humanity.”