Jigawa official suggests 10 health centres for the nomads

Jigawa state government has been called upon to convert the redundant Incubation Centres across the state into mobile health clinics for nomads.

The executive secretary of the Nomadic Education, Jigawa state, Hajiya Ramatu Muhammad, said Monday that the Incubation Centres created for the nomads across the state years back were left redundant and they need to be transformed into health centers.

Ramatu said the four main grassing reserves in the state should also be transformed into Veterinary health for the treatment of animals’ diseases.

She suggested that this should be done through the ministries of health and agriculture.

“The Ministry of Health will handle the transformation of the incubation centers into health facilities, while the Ministry of Agriculture will handle the construction of the veternery clinics,” she stated.

Ramatu also advised that government should minimise the conflicts reoccurring between farmers and the herders in the state by reopening the cattle routes blocked by farmers.

“Government should also identify the leaders of the herders and hold meeting with them to know what their problems are,” she said.