Jewelry maker rolls out partnership for entrepreneurship, personal development

Luxury jewelry maker and vendor, Quila Jewelers, also known as Jewelrybyquila LLC, has announced its exciting partnership with global CEO and investor, JT Foxx.

The CEO of Quila Jewelers, Michael Oni, made the official announcement on his Instagram page, expressing his thrill to partner with JT Foxx, a visionary in the world of entrepreneurship and personal development.

Michael believes that JT Foxx’s passion for excellence and his ability to inspire and motivate align perfectly with their mission of empowering individuals to achieve greatness. Their collaboration aims to combine luxury with empowering individuals to achieve greatness, and together, they will redefine luxury and create an unforgettable experience for their customers.

JT Foxx, who is an investor doing business in at least 55 countries, is known for his remarkable success in coaching and mentorship.

He affectionately dubbed Quila Jewelers the “King of Bling” and hinted that their partnership is aimed at disrupting the jewelry industry and redefining the concept of luxury. By combining the beauty of Quila’s jewelry with Foxx’s proven strategies for success, customers will embark on a transformative journey towards personal and financial fulfilment.

The partnership between JT Foxx and Quila Jewelers promises to create a series of exclusive events and workshops where attendees will have the opportunity to learn from Foxx’s wealth of knowledge and experience while exploring Quila’s stunning jewelry collections. The events and workshops will provide insights into the secrets of successful entrepreneurship, and customers will have the chance to gain personal and financial fulfilment by taking part in this transformative journey.