Jehovah’s Witnesses launch global campaign offering message

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Jehovah’s Witnesses have announced plans to launch an international campaign to bring attention to a universal solution.

Also, the special edition of The Watchtower magazine will be distributed in September featuring the theme “What Is God’s Kingdom?”

A statement issued by the regional spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses in  Badagry, Lagos, Ezekiel Bolaji, said a Local Jehovah’s Witnesses from Lagos State, Nigeria, will distribute this special-edition magazine, available in over 780 languages in print and online.

“I am eagerly looking forward to participating in the campaign. I have observed how much suffering people are going through, and I know that we need a publication of this sort at this time. There is too much frustration, and I can’t wait to be part of this helpful campaign,”, the statement quoted Nancy,  a local Witness in Lagos.

However, Bolaji said throughout the centuries, millions of Jesus’ followers have prayed the words “thy Kingdom come” but wondered what that Kingdom is.

He said: “The issue of The Watchtower will help you find answers to the following questions: To answer these questions, the magazine will reference key Bible passages. The clear and simple explanations have been designed to appeal to both new and experienced Bible readers.

“It’s no secret that many people feel we need better rulership, but few can agree on how to achieve this. The good news is, that Jesus will be the perfect ruler who can and will solve all the problems we are facing here on earth. Our campaign will bring this much-needed message of hope to our communities.”