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Jehovah’s Witnesses 2017 Convention begins August 18

By Jerry Uwah Lagos

This year’s Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses will commence throughout the country in August and lasts till December 25, with the theme: “Don’t Give Up.” The three-day event which will hold almost every weekend will feature resources that will assist everyone to remain strong and resolute in their service to God in the face of overwhelming contemporary challenges.

The 2017 convention which will be presented in more than 20 Nigerian languages has about 52-part events which included brief discourses, interviews and short videos. A statement by a spokesperson of Jehovah’s Witnesses Convention for Lagos and Ogun states, Mr. Ademola Adeagbo, said one segment of a threepart feature film entitled “Remember the Wife of Lot” would be shown each afternoon. New members who have completed basic Bible study programme will be baptized every Saturday.

Adeagbo also said the series of 300 conventions, scheduled to hold in more than 30 locations throughout the six geographical zones of Nigeria will begin on the weekend of Friday, August 18, and would be presented in more than 20 Nigerian languages, including Pidgin, in addition to English, French and American Sign Language. “Life challenges can rob us of peace and even cause some to consider giving up,” adding “our convention this year has been prepared to benefit, not only the Witnesses, but also all interested in true succour. It promises to empower individuals to keep on enduring and to cope with challenges productively. There is no admission fee. Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses are supported entirely by voluntary donations.”

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