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It’s all gossip; I am not having an affair with Ali Nuhu – Halima Atete

Hajiya Halima Atete, who is referred to as no nonsense actress since her role in the famous “Dakin Amarya” Hausa flick 1,2,3,4 has said that even in real life she hate sharing her man with another woman.
She acted her role as first wife to Kannywood/Nollywood multiple award winning actor Ali Nuhu so perfectly well that she has been receiving series of letters, phone calls, twitter and facebook messages from women, married and young all over the globe that, she desire a gold medal for the way she dealt with Aisha Aliyu. Ali Nuhu’s second wife in the film which sources said sold thousands of copies and fetched fortune for the producers, distributors and actors/actresses. She is one of the highest paid actresses now in Kannywood, since the exit of Abuja-based Rahma Hassan and Zainab Indomie.
On whether marriage is on the card of the 27 year-old Halima, according to her, she has several suitors in and outside Kannywood, yet no is her answer. She will not mind to be in her husband’s house in the next six months, “as a woman our time is limited,” she said during this interview with our Kano Bureau Chief, Aliyu Askira.

It is now solid three years ago since I had interview with you, how are you pairing?
Thank you. I am extremely doing fine, except for the killings daily taking place in my home state of Borno State, hundreds of those and I know and those close to me are affected, it is sad we should pray hard to God to forgive us and in the process get us out of this crisis.

In the last one year most of serious films that comes out of Kannywood have you featuring prominently, what’s the secret?
Well, I have grown up in the industry, three years is a longtime for a good actor or actress to mature and interpret his role well, nothing more than that, you know my nature I respect all those I worked with here, I mind my business and give everybody his due respect, I heard a lot before joining the industry like sex for role, scratch my back I scratch yours, producers knocking on actresses hotel doors during shooting, but quote me, all are tissues of lies, the industry is as decent as any other profession, but of course human beings varies if a man decides to be bad or a lady decides to refuse zipping up of course there is nothing one can do about it but some of us are as pure as cotton.

You are three years old in the industry initially, you said Ali Nuhu is one actor you admired and cherish and love to meet, and do you still have same feeling?
This issue of Ali Nuhu keep coming up even by those close to me as if we are dating, Ali Nuhu is from Borno State like me, he is like my brother, I relate very well with him and his wife, I used to go to his house and visit his family. Ali Nuhu is one guy that God is kind to, he is like a father figure to many of us in the industry, our chemistry works very well and anytime we are paired in a film the movie always ends up successful, nothing more nothing less, I have tremendous respect for him and all those I worked with male or female.

How rich are you three years ago and now having featured in several hit movies, especially, Wata Hudu, Dakin Amarya 1,2,3,4, Taki Zaman Aure, Sanadin Rabuwa, Almuru?
Well, in real life you know there is no way I can insult Tanimu Akawu or even attempting to annoyed him, in terms of material things, well I am not doing bad, I visited places like Dubai, Saudi Kingdom, Malaysia and host of other countries to shop, pray or relax, I have decent accommodation, I have a Camry automobile, things are okay with me, but my desire is to marry in the next six months, even you if you are interested you can apply.

You featured in Dakin Amarya, can you display the same hatred to your second in real life?
I hate Kishiya O, I don’t like being with another woman in the same house, I must love you extremely deep before I will marry you if you are not single, in fact, I have been receiving commendations from women in and outside the country on how I interpret that role, even though my second seemed to have triumphed over me towards the end of the film because I was the one divorced even though, my stage husband Ali Nuhu returned me to his house again and we reconciled with Aisha Aliyu my Amarya, she too played her role extremely well.

Do you ever wish that the film should be real?
My God, go and ask Ali Nuhu, I cannot answer you, all I know is he is like my brother, he is my boss, a well talented young man and happily married, so that insinuate anything.

Finally, you have this habit of exposing you hair and prefer tight fittings that expose your robust shape, what message are you sending?
Ok, I will change, I will put my scarf to cover my hair as for the way I dresses, it’s the producer’s right to choose costume for us, as for robust shape, blame your eyes I don’t know that.

Tell us your films that you admire?

Kona Gari, wata hudu, Dakin amarya 1,2,3, & 4 and sanadin rabuwa, though in kona gari people do see us as prostitutes but it was because we played our role very well.

Your fast rise to fame in Kannywood has led to speculation that Ali Nuhu is dating you because most of his hit films recently have you in the project. What is the real picture?
Honestly it is all gossip Ali Nuhu is not my boyfriend, but thank God because of the opportunity he gave me to appear with him in most of Kannywood recent successful films, I became famous and expensive in the industry, in fact am also a producer. I am sure you watch my recent film “Daga Murna” in which Ali Nuhu featured as my husband; it’s all the decision of the producers and directors, Ali is my brother.

After “Kona Gari” you also acted in “Mata Maza” where you are neither a man nor a woman because you seem to have both sex organs, why do you like rough films like this?
It means am a professional to the core, though people may think what I did was un-Islamic but to me it is entertainment.


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