It shouldn’t be all about money

Richness is beyond having money. That is exactly what the fifth Law of Power, “So much depends on reputation—guard it with your life,” promotes, teaches, and tries to instill in people.

Recently, my organisation paid for some radio slots for programmes and jingles at a popular radio station through me, being the communication officer of the organisation. The money was huge.

Some discounts were made which I can comfortably claim if I wanted to, but I couldn’t even though it is a popular practice among some journalists, PR persons, and communication officers.

A lot of them make huge money anytime some monies were approved by their organisations for media projects. But, no, my conscience fought me and won.

I told my friend through whom I made the payment that I care so much about my reputation. Hence, I would inform my organisation that huge money was discounted and I did.

Then I felt safe and happy. I told myself that I would be distrusted when my employer finds out that a huge discount was made and I pocketed it. We just have to protect our image. Money doesn’t matter sometimes.

Lawan Bukar Maigana,
Maiduguri, Borno state
[email protected]