ISPA leaders convene to foster peace building ahead of 2027 elections

Leaders of the Independent State Peace Architectures (ISPAs) in 15 states across the country have come together to discuss on how to collaborate with relevant peace building organisations to foster peace before, during and after 2027 elections.

The Project Manager, The Kukah Centre (TKC), Mr. Emmanuel Nkanta, during the One- Day conference with leaders of the Independent State Peace Architectures in Abuja, organised by The Kukah Centre and funded by the European Union, said they intend to spread to other states but it became necessary to organize the conference because they are bringing the leaders together to measure the progressive change or changes that may have occurred and behavioral change , attitude and what positive difference they make.

The theme of the conference is “Navigating Pathways to Promote Peace and Social Cohesion: The Role of Women, Youths, and Persons with Disabilities”.

“We want to restragetise and stand to see how they can be Ambassadors of peace and how we can cascade this down to the grassroot and how we can restructure the membership of the ISPAs to make it more inclusive for Women, Youths and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

” We want to see how we can correct these before the 2027 general elections and make them become ambassadors for peace and social cohesion in their respective states,” he said.

Also, the Chairman of Independent State Peace Architectures and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Imo state University, Prof Phillip Ogbonna, said the conference is peculiar because the Chairmen of various states are there and each of them has different experiences from other states and “so, sharing this experiences is very important and will help them faction better ways of handling peace in the state. “

He said the gathering will also make them look at what they are doing from different angles again, adding that for “The National Peace Committee, the assignment given to us in the state is a challenge that will help the nation and help these group come together to enrich the nation”.

Also, member of Independent State Peace Architectures (ISPAs) in Nassarawa state, Lara Usman Lamus said she has gained alot in the interactive session from the conference and it will strenghthen her capacity to cascade it in their state .