Irregular payment of workers’ salaries, pensions, an ‘act of terrorism’

By Agboola Bayo

A Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate in Osun state, Dr Olusegun Akinwusi, has said that irregular payment of workers’ salaries and pensions to retirees by governors are act of terrorism.
Akinwusi, who said this at a mini-rally in Osogbo, declared that it was wrong for any government to deny its workers and pensioners their wages having laboured so long to enable them cater for their basic needs and those of their families.

He said: “Salaries of workers should be first charge in allocation of funds and if government will take their monthly funds allocation from the Federation Account, then, no one has any reason not to pay public servants their remunerations.
“Refusal by any government to pay its workers, as at when due, is not only wicked, but deadly. We are being terrorised in Nigeria now by Boko Haram, governors who refused to pay salaries of workers and pensions are worse than this sect. Do you know how many innocent Nigerians that have lost their lives waiting for pensions? We need to chase out any governor in this category.”

He berated the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration in Osun state for its attitude towards workers, adding that pensions and gratuities were provided for in the budget under the Consolidated Revenue Fund Charges just like security votes.
Akinwusi said while “our governors will quickly deducted their security votes during fund allocation, they in most cases ignored our senior citizens some of who are too old to provide for themselves; salaries and pensions are not privileges they are rights.”

“If you are above 65 years, the tendency is there for you to be nursing one ailment or the other and you need money for drugs. But if a retiree cannot get his or her pension on time, this can lead to untimely death and several people had lost their lives in such circumstances. This is an act of terrorism committed by people in power.”