Introducing Danny Oyekan, brain behind Dan Holdings

One man is determined to create a much more financially safe and secure future for people all around the world. He is Danny Oyekan, who has moved mountains in the fin-tech world with his innovations through his firm called Dan Holdings.

Whether it is technology or cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, you name it and you would know the positive difference these innovations have already created in the world.

The journey; however, for Oyekan into the areas of technology for which he always had an affinity for since the beginning, was a bumpy uphill one. This is because in the world of blockchain or the world of finance, it takes immense love, passion and a strong will for entrepreneurs and businesses to make innovations that attract the attention of everyone.

The world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology is something that today has been accepted and welcomed with open arms in significant parts of the world, but Africa is yet to make a move towards the same and Oyekan with his firm Dan Holdings is working towards filling in this gap so that Africa too can get nearer to a much secure financial future.

Oyekan is a young business dynamo from Nigeria who founded Dubai-based Dan Holdings that today is in the league of its own with its one of a kind services in the blockchain, fintech, emerging technologies and artificial intelligence sector.

Oyekan was born in Lagos, Nigeria into an American-Nigerian family and had entrepreneurial qualities flowing in his blood as they were involved in the banking and construction sector in Nigeria. His early affinity towards entrepreneurship was natural and he developed a liking for trade, commerce and investing.

To add fuel to his quest to turn into an entrepreneur, he began with fuel delivery and food delivery startup in the year 2016. As a year passed by, he realized the momentum the crypto market was picking up and started working in that direction and began to invest in many other startups and companies. It was in 2018 that he brought all his interests under one roof and created Dan Holdings.

He completed his studies from the University of Wollongong, and later became not just an entrepreneur but a passionate investor as well, gaining recognition not just in Africa, but in Australia and Southeast Asia as well.

Dan Holdings, which is an investment firm, focuses on ventures, tokens and projects related to digital assets, digital currency and blockchain technology. There are a variety of solutions that Dan Holdings offers, including artificial intelligence, renewable energy, fintech, blockchain, innovative technology and digital solutions.

With Dan Holdings, he has created a Dan ecosystem that has created many new products/services which acts as a step forward in the blockchain and fintech world. Oyekan with his firm Dan Holdings is working relentlessly with his firm to drive mass user adoption of technology in Nigeria and even across Africa.

Danny Oyekan, a Nigerian Saint Lucian was born 30 August 1994. He is an early Bitcoin investor and serial entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Dan Holdings and Dan Ventures. Dan Ventures deals in early stage startup funding, whereas Dan Holdings is a Blockchain, and emerging technologies company.

He was amongst the first wave of Bitcoin investors and is considered a pioneer in establishing the use of virtual currency in the African markets.

Oyekan was born in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. He completed his high school education at Chrisland College. He moved to Dubai, UAE in 2015 to pursue his bachelor’s degree. He attended the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), where he majored in International Business (BBA).

His entrepreneurial sojourn began in 2012 when he started investing in Bitcoin. After making a series of investments in Bitcoin, Oyekan, 2017/ sold some of his Bitcoin collection to fund his first business idea – Dan Ventures, a Venture investment firm that focuses on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and digital assets and other emerging technologies.

He later founded Dan Holdings, a Blockchain technology Ecosystems. The aim behind the foundation of this blockchain ecosystem was to revolutionize the technology sector in the Middle East and Africa by supporting the creation of the latest technological inventions, thus building a solid financial foundation for the African and Middle Eastern people.

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