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Instrument warfare: Minister wants new security framework


By Binta Shama


The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, has called for a new security framework for the nation with the upgrade of instruments of warfare through scientific research and innovation.
Onu said this at a lecture delivered for Course 26 Participants, at the National Defence College (NDC) Abuja.
Speaking on the theme “ National Science and Technology Policy in Nigeria : An Overview”, Dr Onu said that rather than Nigeria depending on purchase of weapons from other nations, but should build her own weapons as emerging forces of globalization demands that we must secure our citizens and safe guard our nation.
This ,he said cannot be meaningfully achieved without placing emphasis on Science and Technology, if Nigeria was to build a strong and resilient economy that is diversified in order to enable us withstand the shock that might arise from sudden drop in crude oil price in future.
The minister appealed to the Armed Forces, to imbibe a patriotic spirit to complement the achievements of the founding fathers of modern Nigeria who were great men and women of vision.
“We cannot continue to depend on others to meet our needs as a nation. Nigeria has come of age. We cannot continue to be a nation of mere consumers, we must work hard to become a nation that produces and consumes,” he said.
Dr Onu stated that the main thrust of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology is to make Nigeria self – reliant given the abundant resources Nigeria was endowed with.
He said that with the implementation of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Road map 2017 – 2030 approved by the Federal Executive Council, the Ministry hoped to redirect the economy through the deployment of Science, Technology and Innovation as a key instrument to drive Nigeria’s economic diversification process, especially in the emerging post crude oil global economy.
He called on the present generation to utilize Science and Technology to build a new civilization that would guarantee peace and prosperity for Nigerians..
According to the Minister, under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria has commenced a new journey initiated by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, to move our economy from being a resource-based, to knowledge and innovation- driven economy.
Earlier, the Commandant of National Defence College Rear – Admiral Adeniji Osinowo said that Science and Technology is an important tool for the nation to move forward but cited policy implementation of programmes as the challenge facing the third world nations.

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