Institute pledges to provide good governance, stewardship to members

The First President and Chairman of governing Council of the Institute of Environmental Practitioners of Nigeria (IEPN) Prof. Lawrence Ikechukwu Ezemonye, has pledged to regulate the activities of the members of the institute to provide good governance, stewardship and environmental justices.

He made this known on Tuesday during the inauguration of the executive of the institute in Abuja.

He states that the symbiotic relationship between man and environment seems to have collapsed because everyday, the environment is presented with different environmental challenges not only affecting the land, water, air and also affecting the man, so that is the current predicament that Nigeria environment as found itself.

Prof. Ezemonye explained that the the mergers of the institution is to bring sanity into the parties of environmental protection, preservation, regulation and restoration to the Nigeria economy.

He noted that the strategic fusion of the Nigerian Environmental Society (NES) and Waste Management Society of Nigeria (WAMASON) into the IEPN Bill is a spirited determination to salvage the Nigerian environment from both natural and anthropogenic calamities. 

“The mission of the Institute is very clear, interrogating ecological evaluations, ecological integrity, environmental management, restoration, remediation, protection, sustainability and stewardship as the Nigerian environment is in dire need of our intervention.