Insecurity: Successes by military justify Irabor’s emphasis on synergy – Group

Chief of Defence Staff General Leo Irabor

A non- political advocacy group, the Security Assessment Group (SAG) has commended the leadership of the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) under the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Lucky Irabor, for continuously re-emphasing the imperatives of joint operations among in the military.

The group said its assessment revealed that the enhanced synergy has proved successful in counter-insurgency, anti-banditry and other security operations embarked by the military across the country.

The group in a press release on Wednesday signed by the Convener, Bryan Moses, said that recent successes recorded by the Armed Forces of Nigeria in the war against insurgency justified Gen. Irabor’s emphasis on synergy.

Gen. Irabor had on Tuesday while delivering the graduation lecture for participants of Army War College Nigeria (AWCN) Course 5-2021, titled, “Enhancing Jointness in Operations in the Armed Forces of Nigeria; My Perspective”, stated that no single arm of the military had been able to single handedly and successfully prosecuted wars and win anywhere in the world, hence the need for operational ‘jointness’ among the services.

According to the CDS “While future military campaigns may be conducted in a manner that differ from today, most security challenges requiring military interventions have been better ameliorated through joint operations.

“With the realisation that no single service could conduct war efficiently and successfully, many nations’ armed forces are today tutored, trained and equipped to operate jointly and in some cases, in combination with armed forces of other states”.
SAG while calling on political actors and the general public to support the AFN, commended the leadership and personnel of the AFN, saying “Nigerians are behind them as they seek to restore peace and stability in the country.”

The statement reads in parts: “The SAG hereby commend the leadership of the AFN for the use of synergy in it’s operations. Without doubt it has proved decisive in the war against insurgency as we now see mass surrender of fighters of ISWAP and Boko Haram.

“The general public also has a role, to offer support for our Armed Forces as they continue to make sacrifices for the peace of Nigeria.”

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