Insecurity: FCTA demolishes shanties at Idu

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has removed illegal shanties, batchers and squatters in the Idu area of the Territory.

The senior special assistant to the Minister of the FCT on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement, Ikharo Attah, led the exercise in the area in collaboration with the Department of Development control, Security Services, Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB).

He said, “This is our regular removal of shanties and squatters across the city. What we have observed which is very bad and in contravention of urban and regional planning acts and Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), Acts, people now see very busy junctions, empty plots, as a place where they can just put shanties and batchers and endanger lives.

“What we need is regular routine removals of all the contraventions and ensures that the city looks smooth and some of these areas serves as hideouts for criminals and when you remove the batchers and shanties and all the wrongly constructed illegal structures, you discovered that you would have won from all sides by reducing crimes, while also restoring Abuja Master Plan and dignity of the city.”

Also speaking, the field coordinator, FCT Special Ministerial Committee on Transportation and Public Nuisances, Mr. Olumiji Peter, said most of the shanties and batchers “harbour criminal elements and they come out in the night to rob innocent people of their valuables.”

“We have come to remove the shanties around this area in order to discourage all these criminal elements from squatting in this area,” he said.

Sadiq Abubakar Muhammad, a squatter in the area, said he hails from Zamfara state and married with two wives and six children.

He appealed to the government to give them a space to sell because he “doesn’t want to go into any criminal activities.”

“I want to appeal to the government to give us space to sell and repair things. I don’t want to go into the kidnapping business.”

UNI Agric Markurdi
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