Insecurity: Ebonyi LG boss moves to tackle menace

The chairman of Ohaukwu local government are of Ebonyi state, Prince Ikechukwu Odonoh weekend said his office has adopted measures to tackle insecurity.

Ohaukwu LGA is one of the areas that often witness insecurity in the state with the recent killings of security personnel and a Point of sale(POS) operator.

The killing of the POS operator,Mr. Louis Enoshi was done by yet to be identified people last week and his phone, POS machine and undisclosed amount of cash was taken away.

He was said to have been killed in the presence of the pregnant wife and a son.

Reacting on the insecurity in the area, Executive chairman of the LGA, Mr. Odonoh after receiving a Chieftaincy title of Ikeudo by the Nigeria Union of Local Government employees (NULGE) said his office is collaborating stakeholders of the area and all security apparatuses to ensure security of the entire place.

He said, “In the area of security we have done so much since my assumption in office. I inaugurated what we call homeland security which has been doing well.
“This homeland security has been doing very well in securing people of Ohaukwu local government in conjunction with the Neighborhood watch security outfit of the state.

“But what happened few days ago was armed robbery attack. These people attacked a P.OS operator in his house at Umuegera, Ezzamgbo at about 2am when the EEDC took the light.

“They flashed a torchlight at the window and the wife of the deceased asked who was flashing the light and the husband went and opened the to inquire who it was,they shot him after which they forced the door open and strapped him. They made away with his phones,the POS machine and some cash.

“The security agencies are looking into the matter to unravel the criminals. What I want to tell you is that we have been doing everything within our powers to secure the entire LGA, we are partnering with all the security agencies including the local vigilantes to ensure lives and properties of our people are saved.

“Yes we have had pockets of insecurity reports, killing of the POS operator, killing of a police personnel and orders but we have put majors in place to see that all these are things will not repeat itself again in my LGA”.