Insecurity: Daily Trust staff, Saawua, escapes assassination attempt in Abuja

The Deputy Political Editor of the Media Trust (Daily Trust) Saawua Terzungwe, Tuesday evening escaped an assassination on his life.

The Abuja-based Journalist said he was on the production desk till after 11pm before he left his office to his residence at Mararaba axis in Nasarawa state.

Narrating his experience, the Benue-born political journalist confirmed that it was an assassination on his life.

He said: “It was actually an assassination attempt. They didn’t demand for any money, ATM cards or transfer from me. Even when one of them ordered me to surrender my car key, their boss was angry with him.

“He ordered them to kill me and forget about other things. But God helped me despite shooting at me severally.

“I later escaped through the backdoor and navigated my way through bush path to the police station.

“One of my neighbours said they were still looking for me in the mini estate and shooting, threatening that they must kill me that night. But I really thank God for saving my life.

“They, however, made away with my car key, wallet and one of my phones when I had already escaped.

“They picked my wallet and the phone from my car which I was yet to lock before the attack.

“They followed me to the gate in a small car. I came down from my car and opened the gate. After parking my car, I was going back to lock the gate, when three of them gained entry and confronted me with guns.

“Their boss ordered them to kill me. But I really thank God, I am safe now. I spent the night in my uncle’s house.”

The incident was later reported to the police but before the patrol team got the scene evil doers had already left.