Influx of cows into Benue politically motivated – Akase


Chief press secretary to the Benue state governor, Terver Akase has said the influx of cattle into the state is politically motivated.

Herdsmen were said to have in the past two weeks flooded some local governments in the state with more than ten thousand cattle.

Some of the affected local governments are Guma, Kwande Logo and Apa.

The situation is said to have created fear in some of the residents who have started moving their loved ones to safer zones.

Reacting to the development, Akase alleged that the sudden influx of armed herdsmen in some parts of the state is ‘politically motivated’.

Akase who spoke with newsmen on phone said  some enemies of the state were behind the massive movement of herdsmen to destabilise the state government.

“We may not be accusing a particular person but for political reason, some persons have given open invitation to herdsmen to come to Benue and it is rather unfortunate.

“But herdsmen themselves should remember that there is a law in Benue which prohibits open grazing of livestock and any of them who violates this law, which is very clear, irrespective of his tribe, would be sanctioned according to the law.”

“Whoever wants to do livestock business in Benue should remember that there is a law in place, which regulates the practice of animal husbandry.

“So, whoever is responsible for the influx of herdsmen is clearly not on the side of  the people of Benue state because for the past one year, the government and the  people have put heads together with support of the security agents to ensure that there is peace in all parts of the state and people are beginning to enjoy the peace.

“Even the IDPs who were in the camp, many have gone home and then suddenly, someone made public statement, inviting herdsmen, telling them that Benue is free land for them to do open grazing.

“It’s quite unfortunate, but we wish to inform those people that they would face sanctions if they violate the law of the land,” he said.

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