Indians sabotaging, destroying our economy, Dilcon Plastics boss alleges…Fingers EFCC, FIRS staff

The chairman/chief executive of Dilcon Plastics, Hon. Leonard Dilcon, has accused some Indian expatriates of sabotaging the efforts of local manufacturers in Nigeria.

Mr. Dilcon, who declared this at a press briefing held Friday in the boardroom of Dilcon Group of Companies, said his life was being threatened.

“The Nigerian economy is being sabotaged, and destroyed by some Indian expatriates. They have their collaborators in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

“The leadership could be doing its best; I am not talking about the EFCC chairman, he is a good-man, but there are some small rats in the Commission that came to arrest me,” he alleged.

He also alleged that there was collaboration between the Indians and staff of the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) who came asking for tax even before a section of his factory was not incorporated.

Mr. Dilcon, having taken journalists round his factories, alleged that Mr. Parag Sule, Sachin Singh, and Rajan Singh that had worked for him, vandalised and stole some equipment belonging to Hamtul Press and Dilcon Plastics.

“There are some good Indians, but the ones that worked with us sabotaged our company. They vandalised and stole machines and other equipment that halted production of our various products,” he alleged.

According to Dilcon, Mr. Parag and Mr. Titus Gopep, former heads of administration, should be held

responsible should something bad happen to him.

“They threatened to kill me.”

Mr. Dilcon said another major problem hampering progress of local producers was the difficulty in accessing foreign exchange (forex).

“An Indian had told me, I cannot get FOREX from the bank, I am calling on the CBN governor to always publish the names of those that were given forex,” he said.

However, Mr. Parag Sule debunked the allegations, saying they were facing constant harassment and intimidation from Mr. Dilcon.

He said in a letter of complaints to the Indian High Commission in Nigeria, made available to Blueprint, their passports were confiscated by Mr. Dilcon.

“It has been over 10 months we have not received our overseas monthly salaries as agreed and…Our local allowances have also been stopped,” he said.