Implement 2014 Confab Report now, Northern Christian Elders tell FG 


The Northern Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) Thursday called for the adoption and implementation of the 2014 National Conference which included a draft new Constitution for Nigeria.

Speaking at a virtual press conference, Chairman of the NCEF, Dr Samuel Danjuma Gani, advocated that “the perennial amendment of the Constitution by the National Assembly should cease”, while the legislators should start work on a new Constitution for Nigeria.

“The report of the 2014 National Conference, which included a draft new Constitution for Nigeria, should be implemented without any further delay. NCEF joins its voice with that of the eminent Nigerians in the Patriots Group, that held a Conference on 18th March 2024, calling for a new Constitution for Nigeria. 

“The perennial amendment of the Constitution by the National Assembly should cease, and the legislators should start work on a new constitution for Nigeria. 

“After five alterations to the Constitution, without any significant positive impact on the country, the National Assembly should commence work immediately on adopting the report of the 2014 National Conference with its draft Constitution.”

Dr Gani spoke against the backdrop that “Nigeria is facing a racial and cultural domination agenda disguised as religious intolerance.”

…Urges ACF, Afenifere, others on unanimity of purpose

He called on the Arewa Consultative Group, Afenifere, Ohanaeze, PANDEV, Middle Belt forums, to consider the issues with greater seriousness and details.

The NCEF noted that “Nigerians have no problem with each other, but external forces that are seeking to tear the country apart for hostile takeover of the land and its resources.

“The problem facing Nigeria is an organised invasion by foreign forces masquerading as religious extremists, adding that “the demand for devolution of power should be intensified by the ethnic nationalities.”

While noting that “what is going on in the country is more than religion, the NCEF also called on the indigenous Muslims in Nigeria to calmly examine these issues and take positions that will be in the long-term best interest of their ethnic groups. What is going on is more than religion.” 

They further said: “This is the time for the indigenous ethnic nationalities to carefully define their friends and foes. The amount of blood that has been shed in Nigeria, involving indigenous Christians, Muslims, and traditionalists, prove that the indigenous ethnic nationalities have the same enemy.

“That enemy is a foreign invader. The killings going on in Nigeria were not motivated by the indigenous ethnic nationalities. 

“Unfortunately, some of the local actors were manipulated into thinking they were pursuing a religious agenda, but the puppet masters have no religious goal in view. It is all about racial displacement.”

…Other demands

They also made the following demands: “There should be an immediate ban on nomadic cattle rearing. Cattle owners should be compelled to set up ranches at their own expense as business entrepreneurs. 

“It should not be the responsibility of the government to fund one enterprise at the expense of other businesses in the country. After all, when the cattle are sold, the proceeds are not handed over to the government.

“The RUGA project should be abolished. In the first instance, the federal government has no statutory right to allocate land in Nigeria under the Land Use Act.

“The ethnic nationalities should assert their right and ownership over their ancestral land and assert the dominion of their thrones in Nigeria.

“NCEF wishes to reiterate its earlier recommendation that President Tinubu should appoint a Special Investigator to conduct a Commission of Inquiry into the causes, as well as expose the actors, in the various acts of terrorism and religious insurgency that overwhelmed Nigeria since 2009.”