Impact of Dabo’s representation in Toro

Toro federal constituency occupies a strategic place in Bauchi state due to its population and productivity which play a critical role in the economy and political landscape of the state. Unfortunately, the lack of quality representation and good governance left the local government in shackles. Honourable Ismail Haruna Dabo has began to rekindle the lost hope and despondency amidst meagre resources after emerging as the member, representing Toro federal constituency, Bauchi state.

The long awaited dream of experiencing good governance and quality representation is gradually being achieved just one year after. Toro local government area being the largest in the entire African continent deserves a better deal. It is against the aforementioned that Ismail Dabo set the ball rolling by appointing 105 sons and daughters of the soil as legislative aides, legislative assistants and special advisers. Beyond pen and paper, all have been receiving salary at the end of each and every month.

These appointees were carefully selected across the 17 wards of Toro federal constituency and are serving as the voice of their communities leveraging on their direct link with the legislator to channel the problems of their people for legislative interventions and actions. This has brought many youths into politics by increasing the strong desire they have to deploy their knowledge and experience to the socioeconomic and political development of Toro federal constituency.

Considering the importance of agriculture to Toro local government area where more than 70% of the people are farmers, Honourable Dabo launched and distributed 3000 bags of fertilisers under the chairmanship of Alhaji Sabi’u Abdulkarim Tilden Fulani. The fertilizer was equitably shared to the most vulnerable farmers across the entire wards of Toro federal constituency. This gesture enhanced the capacity of the farmers to cultivate and have food on their table. The beneficiaries described it as a hallmark of new beginning in Toro federal constituency being the first of its kind since the return of democracy in 1999.

The federal law maker renovated the hospital in Kafin Dulumi and provided necessary equipment needed for treatment of patients. Kafin Dulumi had been in agony due to lack of a standard clinic for treatment while many, especially women, have lost their lives during labour. He construction a new block of Islamic classroom in Tilden Fulani to support learning of women and train children on good moral and religious orientation.

In his quest to provide portable drinking water for all, Hon. Dabo inaugurated a committee in Toro, Lame and Jama’a districts with the mandate to identify the immediate needs of communities in the constituency. Following the committee’s report, over 400 boreholes were constructed and renovated. In addition, a significant number of solar power street lights were provided at the cost of over N400 million. Just like Dabo’s slogan of Haske Zamani, these solar street lights are shining at the doorsteps of the constituents.

Honourable Dabo has provided over 50 computers in some selected secondary schools in the three districts of Toro federal constituency. The aim is to enable students to have easy access to the internet and learn from the current trends of globalisation. This initiative and the training which he facilitated, has assisted the students to perform excellently and amazingly at the 2024 UTME examinations.The commitment and good channel of communication between him and the teachers has always inform him about the weaknesses of the students.

He has empowered 55 youths with N6.5 million and has built a security office in Magama. Dabo has distributes palliatives of over 4000 bags of rice, hundreds of bags of sugar, spaghetti, wrappers and mats to the vulnerable including orphans across the 17 wards of Toro federal constituency. Youths, women groups, religious, traditional and party leaders were also beneficiaries of the palliatives. It is not surprising that, some of his critics were beneficiaries of these gestures due to his nature of non-discrimination on tribe and religious lines. This gesture was replicated during Ramadan period and the trend has continued across the nooks and crannies of Toro constituency.

Dabo placed emphasis on youths and women empowerment long before his sojourn in politics. In his efforts to create jobs, reduce poverty and encourage local businesses to strive within Toro federal constituency and beyond, he has embarked on sustainable empowerment programme under Haske Kudin Jari. So far, a total of 361 women of Haske Gida Gida have given N22.25 million with each beneficiary given N50,000 as startup capital. A total of N150 million has been earmarked for 2,620 women under this programme..

Honourable Dabo has made education a priority of his representation. As an epitome of education in Toro federal constituency, he has sponsored the JAMB registration for over 650 students. Those who scored above 200 will be enlisted as beneficiaries of Haske Scholarship Scheme to further their studies. Thus, 142 students from different higher institutions have been selected and verified and have started receiving alerts of N100,000, N80,000 and N70,000 scholarship grants.

The legislator has secured over 1,200 slots of conditional cash transfer of the federal government with beneficiaries getting N50,000 grant. He has facilitated the enlistment of Toro sons into the Nigeria Police Force, among to many other philanthropic gestures. Infrastructural development are not left out as they continue to receive a required attention across the 17 wards of Toro federal constituency.

The greatest General that ever lived, Alexander the Great, said that he is always afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion than an army of lions led by a sheep. This tells us that leadership is not a child’s play. When we say a child’s play, we are not referring to the question of age, tribe or religion of the public office holder, but the maturity of what a person can offer and the quality he exhibits as a leader when he/she is entrusted with power. Hon. Dabo is no doubt a lion king that is positively changing the political narrative of Toro federal constituency.

He has consistently used every opportunity at his disposal to add value to Toro federal constituency and Bauchl state at large. He spoke extensively about the insecurity in Toro federal constituency and has moved many motions on the floor of the House of Representatives to ensure that Toro is not left out of national conversations. Another important thing to note is that, there are quite a number of beneficiaries that are beyond cameras like those who benefited from Hajj and medical bills.

The bill for an Act to establish Federal Medical Centre Toro has already passed second reading at the House of Representatives. If achieved, it will be the only of the legacy project by any legislator in Toro since the return of democracy in 1999. Dabo’s headstrong approach and passion to achieve what he set out to do are quite remarkable and inspirational. Generations unborn will live to celebrate his glaring achievements especially his commitment towards building strong bonds of friendships in Toro and beyond.

As we step into the next phase of his representation in Toro federal constituency, beyond tribal and religious affiliations, the image of Toro federal constituency is being restore under his watch. One thing about Haske Zamani is his respect to all that come across him particularly the elderly. Despite the current challenges, the triumphs are on the high side thereby giving us more hope that more will be achieved in the coming years. As the realty speaks better for itself, let us ignore the fallacies of the struggling defeated politicians and their benefactors.

Isah is the special assistant, media and publicity, to Honourable Dabo.