Imo PDP and the politics of falsehood and self defeatism

Piqued with the administrative successes of Chief Hope Uzodinma right from inception on Jan 14, 2020, the PDP in Imo has employed all manner of media propaganda laced with falsehood as propelled by tantrums of self defeatism to destroy the personality and good administration of Uzodinma-led APC government.

From the context of political party opposition, PDP in Imo has derailed, failed woefully in checkmating the assumed excesses of government in power because of their reckless display of infantile politics.

It is not erroneous to state the obvious that PDP in Imo has relegated itself to a laughing stock comic stars cum peddlers of falsehood

Instead of engaging the Uzodinma led administration on issues constructively, they chose excel in mudslinging and campaigns of calumny thereby losing more support it used to enjoy in the past.

That the PDP in Imo has surreptitiously but continuously affirmed in error the enigma and capacity of Gov Hope Uzodinma is indisputable.

Politics understandably ought not be interspersed with governance as the PDP in Imo has consistently done in their vain but futile struggle to dent the image of Gov Uzodinma.

It is high time for the PDP in Imo to jettison politics of acrimony, sentiments, malice and indeed falsehood but embrace constructive criticism that is devoid of inter-party phobia.

The giant strides of Gov Hope Uzodinma in spite of brazen sabotage by inglorious traducers have remained not only a landmark but a signpost to other state governors in the South East.

Ostensibly, it is our expectation in the spirit of conventional and global party opposition for PDP in Imo separate idealism from realism, criticism from truism in their effort to malign Gov Uzodinma.

As a major opposition party in Nigeria nay Imo, it must strive to oppose the government in power leaning on the constitutional aspiration of the people which they constitute for a better and greater Imo.

However, they have chosen to tread the path of obliteration, vilification, instead of fashioning their criticism in tandem with the common vision for better Imo, they chose to throw away the bad water with the baby.

While some of us have continued to watch with keen interest the phases of political developments in Imo, we must call the attention of the lame ducked PDP, to stand on their feet and appreciate the good works of the governor.

The PDP still basking in the deafening euphoria of blackmail, character assassination and hatred coated criticism have indirectly relegated itself to the banality of street urchins whose delight in mudslinging has debased them to elements of “ikonu”.

Which way the PDP? Where do you go from this state of alien opposition? Where you from this theatre of self defeatism? Have you forgotten in a hurry how you squandered the state nay Nigeria’s resources even at the peak of global oil boom?

While the government of Gov Hope Uzodinma is driving the policy of shared prosperity, it is expected of all Imo people not to be swayed by the phantomic insinuations and falsehoods of the PDP.

It is an axiom that only a collective ethos of the people would only trigger development but guarantee distributive and equitable prosperity which in essence is the desire of Gov Hope Uzodinma.

At this point, Imo people who are globally acknowledged for their discerning and knowledgeable prowess, have rejected the antics of the PDP even in the face of sponsored insubordination to constituted authority.

Suffice it to state Imo people have on with the desirable change of power from PDP to APC and it is the like manner expected of the PDP and is gladiators to note that power is not only transient but anchored on the natural permanency of change.

Agukwe is a former Commissioner in Imo state