Imo lawmaker raises awareness over prevalent heat wave, proffers solutions

The lawmaker representing Mbaitoli state constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon Innocent Ikpamezie has moved a motion to ameliorate the effect of the heat wave and high temperature prevalent in the state.

Speaking on the floor of the house, he lamented that the temperature had risen to 39 degrees Celsius, a situation which had not happened before, adding that the power supply by the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) was nothing to write home about and as a result, had worsened the situation.

Ikpamezie said without mincing words, “our wives and children are not happy with us because of the high temperature, coupled with the current food crisis”.

He informed the house about an incident involving a woman who fainted a few days ago and when a doctor was called in, it was discovered that she was dehydrated and lacked fresh air because of the heavy cloth she was wearing and was advised to remove it to allow fresh air.

“In the court the other day, lawyers had to remove their gowns because it affected them. People sleep outside nowadays, especially, those who cannot afford a generator. And there is this risk of being attacked by snakes and other reptiles. I blame the EEDC for this problem because if there is light, the problem will not arise”, he maintained.

While offering solutions to the problem, the lawmaker said that the EEDC should be invited to the assembly to explain to members why there had not been constant power supply despite the huge amounts of money paid by residents as electricity bills; and that there should be open campaigns, seminars, public enlightenment programmes for residents to know exactly how to tackle the situation, know what to take, and put on to check the heat effects, especially the aged.