Imo complies with COVID-19 safety measures

Since Monday’s announcement of the death of a Nigerian of

, the level of compliance to  safety measures introduced by the World Health Organisation(WHO) has increased tremendously.

Before this week, the belief in some circles was that the would not come into the country as hot weather would not allow it to survive.

But our correspondent, who went round Owerri, the Imo state capital, gathered that hotels, supermarkets and other public places in town have procured hand washing tools and sanitisers to help check the spread of the

In addition, the normal hand shaking and embracing of friends, well wishers and distant relations have reduced drastically as waving of hands, smiling at friends or nodding of heads have taken centre stage.

The news of the has spread to all parts of the state but there are still a few doubting Thomases who believe it is not real because the state has not recorded any case or because  none of the people they know has been infected with the .

Meanwhile, the chairman of Corona Virus Committee in the state, Professor  Maurice Iwu has stated that the virus is real. He has therefore, advised Imo people to make sure they wash their hands regularly  or as many times as possible in a day  with water and soap if they don’t have sanitiser, adding that  the use of sanitizer comes in when there are no water and soap with which to wash their hands. He also advised that they should avoid gatherings of more than 50 people and always keep a respectable distance from people. 

Iwu warned those establishments yet to comply with the safety measures against the virus to comply immediately because failure to do that would be viewed as breaching the law on safety measures meant to keep people away from the virus.

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